Indholdet på denne side er markedsføring

Storebrand Investment Update on Ukraine Situation

There is still great uncertainty about the situation currently unfolding in the Ukraine. Storebrand takes the escalating situation seriously and has an ongoing process in place to identify potential risks and threats to our business and our customers' assets.

Published 23.02.2022 by Storebrand AM

Photo: Unsplash

Markets have reacted strongly to developments in this region, and there will probably be turbulence on stock exchanges for some time. Storebrand has little direct investment exposure to Russia, which means that the direct economic effects on our assets are limited. Nevertheless, we are monitoring market developments closely and continuously assessing possible measures to be implemented if required.

Regarding our own business overall, we consider the direct risks and effects to be limited, However, a further escalation of conflict can of course change the situation. This is accounted for in our potential scenarios for the work ahead.

Due to the situation, we will shortly invite you to webinar in which you will have the opportunity to present any questions you may have to Olav Chen, Head of Allocation and Global Fixed Income at Storebrand Asset Management.

Historisk avkastning er ingen garanti for fremtidig avkastning. Fremtidig avkastning vil blant annet avhenge av markedsutviklingen, forvalters dyktighet, investeringsrisiko og kostnader ved forvaltning. Avkastningen kan bli negativ som følge av kursfall.